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Supporting Subheading

Iinfinitty Media and Technologies Pte LTD, is a deep tech start-up with a team of highly experienced individuals from media & technology industries. It was founded and headquartered in Singapore, and our team based in Dubai (UAE), China, Eastern Europe, HongKong, Pakistan and India.

We build services and solutions with a complete 360-degree approach to cater the needs of our clients. Our main focus is on 3 service lines:

1) Building cutting- edge solutions using Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Cyber security, Web3, Metaverse!


2) Creating state-of-the art content using Immersive technologies (AR,VR, MR) for different industries

3) Under the umbrella of Immersive Technologies, we are producing our own Kids EduTech IP Content embedded with cybersecurity to bring parent’s peace of mind.

Dedicated R&D Team

Our development team consists of 60+ Developers and each team is dedicated to each service line, ensuring that the relevant skill set and resources are allocated to deliver the best quality in time to our customers!

National & International Expertise

Iinfinitty has served local and international clientele ranging from UAE, US, UK, Singapore, Canada and France.

Competitive Pricing

With Iinfinitty, we have catered to 10+ industries ranging from Fintech, Real Estate, Tech gadgets, F&B, gaming.. And much more!

Where there is a need for tech support, Iinfinitty is ready to kick start the work!

Let us help you in 4 simple steps!

Step 1: Get in touch by emailing We will set up an intro call to understand the obstacle you’d like us to solve/ your desired end goal

Step 2: We assess internally the capacity, cost, and timeline which the project requires

Step 3: We share with you a final proposal upon an agreed timeline & set up a follow up to finalize the details & timelines.

Step 4: Kick-off the project upon approval from both sides!

Iinfinitty’s pricing model is fairing suitable to most of the clients. At the same time we work on best pricing models to help cater our clients with their solution development.

Our main 5 costing models:

  1. Project based
  2. Yearly partnerships
  3. Hourly based
  4. Consultancy
  5. Revenue sharing model
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