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Home-Grown from Singapore
Jungle Joy: In-house IP for YouTube

JUNGLE JOY, is first of the series that iinfinitty is producing for our young audience. We request that you subscribe to our channel, like our content, and share it with others. We will be constantly producing ethically uplifting content to provide healthy and productive entertainment and information for our kids. That will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your little ones will come back to learning after spending their due time in front of screens.

Jungle Joy Season01 is currently streaming on YouTube

Redefining the Kids Entertainment and Learning Process

• iinfinitty is developing 2D & 3D Animated, AR, VR & MR  entertainment & infotainment contents for Kids, Youth and adults. With the aim to bring back goodness into society. Our contents will be built and equipped with skills-based learning for kids such as teamwork, problem-solving, respecting elders, helping and giving back to society, ethical development, etc.  
• Our solutions will help parents in their kid’s personality development as well as help kids to become responsible human beings in the future. Because for us Humanity comes first before anything.

Your Parenting Partner

• We’re focused on providing parents with much-needed solutions for their kid's on-screen/online time problems.
• We’re building an Artificial intelligence-powered app or software to
manage/monitor kid’s online activities.

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